Month 9 Pregnancy Scares

My wife is in week 38-9 of the pregnancy at the moment and boy the false alarms can be fun. Two nights ago she thought she was going into labor and had this weird sensation that her water broke. Fortunately neither of those turned out to be true. However it reminded me that it’s time to have the hospital suitcase fully packed with everything and ready to go including:

For Mom:

1. Two days of clothes for mom (pajama type stuff)

2. Nice comfy robe for mom.

3. Sandals/slippers

4. Hygiene supplies including extra absorption maxi-pads (because there is a lot of bleeding happening after the delivery)

5. A nice wrap-around polar fleece throw (because hospital sheets and blankets aren’t always that great).

Legal Documents: (In our hospital you can get the official birth certificate instead of the temp one, right at the hospital for an additional $50 – so worth it)

1. our marriage certificate (US and Mexican),

2. our birth certificates,

3. My passport and migratory document – and because I am a foreigner here in Mexico City, all these documents have to the US governmental validation called an apostille not to be confused with an apostle.

4. My wife’s ID.

For baby:

1. Receiving blankets

2. newborn diapers

3. 4 diaper suits/body wraps

5. 4 pairs baby mittens

6. one or two large receiving blankets.

7. one or two smaller receiving blankets

8. 4 pairs of socks.

9. 4 shirts

And of course anything else the hospital asks you to bring.

We have everything in the house set-up so now it’s just a matter of days and staying cool calm and collected…as if that were even possible!



Ultrasound of our 2nd baby

Ultrasound of Baby #2 who is arriving in October! Best father’s day ever #2!!!!