Graco Duo Strollers are awesome…

Graco Duo Strollers are awesome…

With our second daughter arriving in October, I’ve been on the hunt for a double stroller.

After checking about 20 different strollers I settled on the Graco Quattro Tour Duo.

Part spaceship, part baby stroller. They got the size, weight, price and color scheme perfect for what I’m looking for when cruising with my little ladies.

I’ll have a video up on my youtube page shortly to show it off, but in the meantime for anyone who is looking for a double stroller, you really should check out the Graco line.



Ultrasound of our 2nd baby

Ultrasound of Baby #2 who is arriving in October! Best father’s day ever #2!!!!

When is the right time for a second child?

When is the right time for a second child?

I haven’t really stated it openly on my blog other than posting a gender test, but its now official, my wife and I went to the Ob-gyn and we are expecting a second child in October.

Honestly, despite the nerve wracking, life bending, reality changing experience of becoming a parent for the first time I wanted to have a second child right away when our daughter was born in 2009.

My wife however, was still a bit gun-shy from the first go around and so I asked myself the question “When is the right time for a second child?” and after thinking about it over and over I finally came up with an answer that is probably the best one that I can think of: “When the mother is ready and wants a second child.”

I mean lets face it, as fathers and men we do share a large portion of the burden of raising a child, but the truth is that we don’t have to go through even a fraction of what the mother must go through physically (and to some degree mentally) to bring a child into the world.

To see your child born is a humbling experience and is one which I feel should always create a bond of strong respect of the father for the mother. No matter what else may come between them in later years, no matter what fights may ensue or whatever, a father should never forget how indebted he is to the mother for bring their child into the world.

I certainly feel that way at least.

Anyways, it’s going to be a two year difference between our children which is just on the border of being “age-seperated” but actually should work great. So far everything points to it being a boy which I am totally stoked about, however, we’ll get 100% confirmation in 4 more weeks.

And while I have friends with 3, 4, 5 and even 6 kids, this will be our final child. Two is certainly enough for the both of us.

I’m curious if anyone else has a different take on when it is the right time to have a second child?

Stay at Home Dads

The Good Men Project and SAHDs

If you haven’t seen the good men project you should google it. It often has interesting articles but like any publication, it does attempt to stir the pot of controversy. Nothing wrong with that. It is about creating conversations and raising awareness.

So long as what’s important doesn’t get lost in and amongst the dissenting opinions, I consider that valuable conversation.

They just did a piece on stay at home dads.

My thoughts?

The roles in our family constantly shift to deal with the pressures of modern living. I’m not usually a stay at home dad, but I have played that role often enough to know how to do it in the blink of a lost paycheck.

While I enjoy some of Tom and Laura’s points in the article, the truth is that macho is an over-rated and rapidly antiquating word that has NOTHING to do with whether one is a stay at home dad or not. It simply isn’t as important a word or quality as it once was. You want to know a more important quality in today’s day and age? How about “effective.”

Would you rather have a macho boss or co-worker? Or an effective one?

Bringing the subject up like this simply stirs the pot (and controversy) on rapidly-dying stereotypes of “marital roles.”

Nowadays, every relationship has to accurately assess the needs of the relationship and examine the resources in determining who in that relationship is best suited for supplying these needs and adjust as needed to ensure the family unit survives as best as possible. A family that can do that will usually thrive even under extremely adverse conditions.

If you look at the flip-side of it, belittling the role of a stay at home dad is also a subtly negative comment on stay at home mothers. That somehow it isn’t “real work.”

Women who trivialize stay at home dads either have never raised children or for some bizarre reason would place having a “macho” partner above having one who was:

1. Honorable
2. Courageous
3. Dependable
4. Loving
(And there are plenty of “macho” men who also have these qualities)

I think the greatest worry or controversy can come about when other men, ignorant men, trivialize men who are the primary caregivers as opposed to primary breadwinners. And the solution is simple. Stick them in a house with a newborn child (or two) of their own for two weeks with a mother who is off at a “job” all day and see how that man views it after two weeks. In 99% of all cases, humility will have lead to wisdom in recognizing that it is simply about doing what needs to be done and it is WORK.

Exhausting, often thankless, work that not only do more men do on an increasingly greater basis, but that so many mothers do day in and day out that almost all of society takes for granted.

The bottom line: The days of having the strongest hunter for a family to survive are over. We are in the new age where the most EFFECTIVE families survive.

It is an age that I, for one prefer.

Best Baby Bottles to Buy

Best Baby Bottles to Buy

Okay so almost everyone has heard of Dr. Brown’s bottles and Avent Bottles, but have you heard of Podee Bottles?

If you are going to bottle feed your baby, you want to make sure that you have the right bottles for the job. These are the three that I have found to work the best for the earlier stages up to one year old

Tell her she’s beautiful…constantly.


Husbands/Dads to be should make sure they are remembering a very key aspect of pregnancy: Constantly reminding mom of how beautiful she is while she is pregnant. Her self-consciousness will be eating her alive and nothing says “You ARE beautiful” like roses, chocolates and yes…poems.

Telling them this and reminding them of how beautiful they are is not just a necessity, it’s a moral imperative!

Pregnancy 1-12: How to have an awesome Baby Shower

Pregnancy 1-12: How to have an awesome Baby Shower

Dads, you are probably thinking….this isn’t my job, that’s for chicks, etc…

I actually don’t want to know what your thinking, but I do want you to give this concept a chance. Baby showers can be a great way for friends and family to come together and create an incredible welcome for the child.

More importantly it can really be a special moment for mom and make the entire experience that much better for her. And making that happen is definitely YOUR job as a dad.

01:27 – The Invitations
02:13 – Pick a Theme
03:15 – Snacks and Games
04:37 – Presents, Wishes and Cameras
05:43 – Thank You Cards

Love it? Hate it? Like it? Know how to do it better? Just looking for advice? Care to comment? contact me:

Or if you want the female side of things talk to my wife.

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