Baby Proofing Stuff We Bought

I’ve been asked numerous times what baby-proofing products we bought.

Rapid fire I will post the links for these here:

Outlet covers: Munchkin 36 Count Plug Covers

Fencing for blocking areas off: Northstate Superyard Playgate Light Gray

Gates for blocking off stairways, I can’t find the brand we got, but this is pretty good: Northstate Superyard Playgate Light Gray

Cabinet Locks: Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System Complete. As a note on these. Once our kids got older, they ripped them right off and instead of using the sticky tape, it required using screws.

Self-Closing Trash Cans: Simplehuman Step Trash Can, Black Plastic

Corner Guards: Prince Lionheart Corner Guards, Chocolate Brown. Be ready for your kids to rip these off a lot.

Stove Knob Guards: Safety 1st Clear View Stove Knob Covers 5-Pack

Power Strip covers: Safety 1st Power Strip Cover

I know a lot of people use way more safety proofing products than this. But common sense positioning of furniture and keeping dangerous stuff out of reach or put away also helps go a long way.



Why and How to Have a Baby Shower


Having just finished our new daughter’s baby shower and cleaned up all the large cake stains smeared all over the place by small children I figured I’d end the day talking about Why and How to Have a Baby Shower.

In the US baby showers tend to be a small gathering of close female friends who bring gifts to the mother to be to congratulate her and help with things that are needed.

Having now been to a number of baby showers in Mexico I’ve seen that it’s totally different here and I’m assuming in other parts of the world.

If you think about it, a baby shower is the exact opposite of a funeral. A funeral solemnizes death, while a baby shower celebrates life. What’s my point? Every child should have one. It’s a welcoming party that will let the child know that they are welcome and have friends and family standing by to provide them with the love and support they will need to survive during their formative years.

And no one brings gifts to a baptism.

But skipping the philosophical side of things there are three main reasons to have a baby shower listed in order of priority:

1. Finances

2. Friends and Family

3. Fun

1. Finances

It’s a pretty tough world and the economics aren’t that great. Nowadays having a baby can be an amazing blessing that comes attached with the fear of being able to support a family with a baby in it, especially if both parents are already working to make ends meet.

With a baby shower, the expecting couple can be given a really good head start by friends and family because make no mistake about it: babies are beautiful, joyful, exhausting, exhilarating and dozens of other emotions but they are also expensive. I don’t care what your income bracket is, having a child is a major drain that gets placed on whatever income a family has.

Baby showers can help ease the impact of financial burden by a large group of friends and family getting many of the necessities that new parents might spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying that they really don’t have.

2. Friends and Family:

Unless you are living under a stone at the back of a cave in a forgotten off shore island, then you know that social interaction is slowly being replaced by social networking.

Call me sentimental if you will, but in these times when everyone seems to find excuses to not get together with family unless there is a funeral, you need every excuse you can find to bring everyone together. And the celebration and welcoming of a new member of the “clan” is about the best one you could hope to have.

3. Fun:

In Mexico, any excuse to party and have fun is a good one, ESPECIALLY with friends and family. Baby showers here involve games, dancing, music, good food and anything else except alcohol. There are plenty of occasions to get drunk on, getting drunk at a baby shower is an action that even the truly tasteless would scorn with well measured disdain.

In the rest of the article I’ll cover each of these categories and most importantly how they affect what type of baby shower to have and how to prepare for it.