Our youngest daughter was a “milk baby” who would only drink milk or protein drinks. While this proved annoying at first, it took a turn for being truly dangerous to her health. Between the age of 1 and 2 she dropped from the 75th percentile to negative 5 percentile, she was losing weight and had diarrhea that went on for months. She stopped being active, stopped talking and had constant fevers. After blood tests she was diagnosed with severe anemia and we were told to be prepared for her having to be hospitalized. And we were devastated.

We reached out to friends who pointed us in the direction of this blog: http://thefullmontessori.wordpress.co…

This soup formula has been a blessing. On the first day she drank 4 bottles almost back to back. In less than two weeks her blood counts returned to normal and in three weeks she gained 4 pounds. She started talking, has been more active than ever at home and in pre-school and in general been much happier. We are so thankful and while I am trying to get the time to make a more professional video with Pilar, the woman who runs The Full Montessori blog, I wanted to share this with you.


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