Working at home & anger management

Working at home & anger management

Many times I try to work from home when working on a script or film/video project. Most of this time this becomes me trying to block out noise, trying not to explode at every interruption (and they are frequent) and impossible as it may seem at times, actually try and get something done.

Yesterday my wife and I agreed that TODAY I was going to be able to work undistracted ALL day long. Total time gotten in on my work today: 2 hours and it’s already 1 in the morning.

Starting early in the morning I was afflicted with pretty much non-stop parenting chores until my wife knew that if she didn’t leave the house with our daughter that bad moods were going to happen.

Whew. One hour and a half of work later…I was informed of a national disaster: her hairdresser was leaving to the United States TO-DAY!!!! and that if she didn’t go now, who knows when she would get another chance. OH NO!!! CALL THE FRICKEN PRESIDENT!!!!!

I received this information over the phone and at first was very angry. I’ll call it silently fuming.

By the time my wife was back at the front door of the apartment I’d pretty much resigned myself to the fact that she should get some time to herself. Girl time. But then she was upset because she knew I had been upset on the phone. After a few minutes I managed to convince her that I was ok on her going to THE FRICKEN HAIRDRESSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even though I had been angry earlier when she mentioned it.

Our daughter was asleep in the stroller so I might actually get in a couple hours of work. I kissed my wife goodbye, carried my daughter upstairs, put her in the crib, looked at her in awe of her beauty for a few moments and then sat down to work! Yay!

5 minutes later baby wakes up! Not so yay!

Off to the playpen. LAW: No parent can be upset for long when playing with a giggling beautiful child. After a little of that I figured what the heck, may as well get something done. So then I carry my daughter to Wal-Mart to pick up the groceries, wash all the bottles, prepare all the barley formula, get the rest of the dishes done (all while keeping my daughter entertained—who knew you could wash dishes, sing, dance and make an utter ass of yourself all at the same time) so that I can surprise my wife when she comes home.

Three hours later (I have no idea what happens in hair salons as far as time goes. They are like mini-Twilight Zones) and I’m starting to get slightly peeved again but still keeping it cool. My wife calls and mentions she is going to stop by at a friend’s house just for a brief hello (LESSON FOR ALL UNMARRIED MEN: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “BRIEF HELLO AT A FRIENDS HOUSE”).

Two hours and an infinite amount of piggy-back rides, tummy farts and general mayhem later my wife calls to tell me she’ll be home in a few minutes.

Thirty minutes pass. No wife. My temperature rising. Finally I send a text. I’m pissed and desperately trying not to blow my top.

Then I look over at the miracle that is my daughter and realize my wife deserves the time off. Heck what the hell am I complaining about? She handles our daughter all day long every day with nary a complaint other than that she wants to me work less and spend more time with the family.

Who am I to be such a fussy bitch over a few hours of work lost? Hours that I got to spend with my daughter anyways!

So with a deep sigh I order a romantic dinner (well not really, pizza was the only thing available at this time of the night—but you have to admit it sounds better) and welcome my wife with open arms and we agree that TOMORROW! is going to be my workday.

Fingers crossed.

Morals of the story:

1. When you have a child, unless you have a panic room you can hide away in there is no such thing as “working at home.” There is only “trying to work at home.”

2. Every time you want to get upset about something, just look at your children and you’ll realize that there is a lot more to be thankful for than there is to be upset for. The giggle of your child is the best form of anger management that exists. Record it to your phone and play it back whenever needed.

3. Moms deserve time away from the kids. It will make them appreciate the kids more and you appreciate all the work she does much more as well.

And with that, I good thee bidnight.




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