Why men hate romantic movies…

Why men hate romantic movies…

It’s not because they are overly sappy or anything of the sort. It is simply because of the expectations they create.

99.9% of all men cannot compete with a Hollywood props department that has 400 different flavored candles, ten baskets of rose petals and twenty yards of satin in their budget or a writer who gets paid six figures to dream up the perfect dialogue.

And if some of us can manage that, I guarantee you that there is not a single one of us alive that can do it 3-4 times in different settings within a two hour period.

That being said, I have to admit that I greatly enjoy them because I am often astounded by just how GOOD they are in terms of their production values and writing. But I also know when my wife starts getting unhappy about a lot of small things that I either need to cut the romantic comedies out of her diet or become Superhusband for a few days. Or both.


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