When to start feeding baby solids…

When to start feeding baby solids…

hello again dare,

u r helping me alot thank u…funny thing is that when we became desperate my husband did the same thing with her. He sat in front of her and he said the same thing u told to ur baby about sleeping. I laughed at him when he was done and now he is laughing at me b/c am doing it too! And I hope it works…and dont worry I saw your videos I just want more datails if there is something u left out in the vids„,Anyway we r doing our best from ur help.

Though now that she is 4 moths old when is the best time to start solid food. I saw in your vid u said that starting with veg but are there other options like cereals etc…

Just want your opinion on that am sure i have so many questions I send u little by little so u can give me good advice.

btw does your wife participate in the cluelessfather? Just want some of her opinions also u know like mother to mother works good too!

Anyways tnx again.

btw my real name is ekram,



Dear Ekram,

That’s a beautiful name. My full name is Darius which is Persian, but it was always shortened to Dare as I was constantly doing wild things that people dared me to do. I’ve never met another white American with that name though and I got teased a lot over it when I was a kid. I’m proud of it now though as I hope you are with yours!

Your husband has earned his laugh! He sounds like a pretty smart guy!

My wife does help out with clueless fathers, mothers and other family members. You can always write to my wife at “rosew@cluelessfather.com”, she likes helping other new parents out as well. It was something we sort of vowed we would help other people with as it had been a very scary time for both of us and we wish to help others avoid being scared so they can focus on enjoying as much as possible their child.

In terms of leaving things out of the videos, of course! There are a bazillion and one things that I left out of the videos. They were just sort of meant to handle the basic things to prepare for parenthood that I used to get asked about on a daily basis.

Trust me. By the time you make it through a year and a half of being a mom, you’ll have all the basics down cold and just be learning from your children every day with the understanding that the basics always stay the same, you just change it up a little as they get older and figure out new ways of testing you. 😀

In terms of when do you start feeding a baby solid food there are dozens of variables on this. You are going the exclusive breastfeeding route at the moment and while many mothers will have different takes on this question, I believe that most pediatricians agree that towards the end of 5 months/beginning of 6 months you want to start introducing solids and weaning them off breastfeeding or as a supplement to it.

Vegetables are a main recommendation but there are also a number of different cereals that are possible such as barley, oatmeal and various other types in powdered or semi-powdered form which can be mixed with breastmilk.

The thing you want to watch for is not training your child to enjoy “sweet” things to start. Otherwise they’ll be harder to introduce to vegetables and similar foods later on. It’s certainly fine that they eat fruits. Just mix it up so they learn that there are different foods and not to lock in on just one. Liquified meats (chicken, beef, etc…) can be introduced usually about a month after they are stably adjusting to the introduction of solids. Realize there are lots of opinions on this. I’m sure 20 readers of this will have 20 different opinions in terms of timing.

IT’S VERY IMPORTANT to only introduce a very small portion of solid foods at the time. You might only start with half a spoonful the first day. Make sure you check for any reactions/allergies to the foods and obviously discontinue feeding them that type of food.

Once you start to introduce solids, the baby will rapidly start to eat more and more of it. Before the month is out they’ll probably be eating 6 ounces a day of solids in addition to whatever breastmilk or formula they are drinking.

Realize that PROTEIN is very important for a baby/child at this stage. Stay away from foods and baby formulas that are just going to load up the baby with carbohydrates and turn the baby unhealthily fat. Again that’s why we do barley formula and probably will until our children reach about 30 months.

But when you do decide to introduce solid foods (and by solids realize I am talking about LIQUIFIED SOLID FOODS, i.e. not a solid carrot but a paste of the carrot) and if you have the luxury of time, I highly recommend going with home made organic foods rather than off the shelf Gerbers and similar. In some parts of the world they have pre-made organic baby foods which are great if you can get them, but they don’t store long.

For more advanced and “certified” information, if you have access to a library there is a book from an author called Adelle Davis “Let’s Eat Right to have healthy children.” It’s a great book for really great information on how to feed children.

Hope that helps! I’ll try to answer the questions as fast as you send them to me but also to give you complete answers.

Have a great day!





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