What is involved fatherhood?

What is involved fatherhood?

This is an older post from another blog which I am deleting to make room for another one.
What is involved fatherhood?

Okay. So this morning at 12am 3am and 5am my hopes that the long sleepless nights with our daughter were over got thoroughly smashed against the rocks of reality.

Finally as I woke up to go to work after 3 hours of sleep for the 4th night in the last week grim thoughts began to flood my mind.

One particular thought was that I understand why involved fatherhood is such a hot topic and why it is so easy for fathers not to be involved when already faced with the stresses of providing for the family.

There is a point when the mind can say “This is too much. Uncle…”

And it is so tempting to want to say “You know what, this is mom’s problem.”

But if you take a breath you know that she put in just as rough a workday as you. It’s time to undo that top button on your 501s and look down your pants to check and see if you are a man or a Ken doll.

You know how all those books and movies talk about “defining moments”? This is definitely one of them. Can you weather the storm and carry on as a heavily involved father? Or will you give up on the concept and leap into the existence of a mediocre father? Or worse?

It comes down to the essence of what involved fatherhood is and why we do it.

Do you know what the essential difference between involved fatherhood and what most of society has come to expect?

It’s like the difference between actually climbing Mount Everest or just sponsoring the team that does it.


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