What are you complaining about?

What are you complaining about?

(a child of the central market streets)

Does it really matter that you don’t have the latest and greatest technological invention yet?

You think this kid here cares? He is just one of thousands that live in the city near mine who don’t have a home, who lives on the streets and who were or are being beaten by their parents.

They run, scamper and dodge in and out of stands in the city center flea market working for scraps of food and a table to sleep under.

So really, are you really putting in perspective what you are complaining about today?

How about being thankful instead. Thankful that you have access to the internet and that you can even read this.

One of the charities I help works directly with these children providing them shelter, medical care and food and most importantly both an education and works to provide them with an actual family.

You really want to complain about something? Complain about parents who beat their children and force them out of home while just children.

But you know what might be better? Doing something about it. There are enough people with the capacity to help, that if we all actually did, this world would be a far better place.

You don’t have to give money, often you just need to give time or old clothes or junk in your attic that you will eventually throw out anyways.

To you it might be junk or old, but to someone else it might just be the equivalent of an Ipad or better yet, a meal for the day.


aka The Clueless Father

PS: If you don’t know what you want to do, figure out what you would like to change. Then search for groups that work to make that change and find the one that seems the most trustworthy to you. Then get to know them. Then find out what you can do to help. Then help make that change. It’s easy and very rewarding.


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