The Sleep Sleuth Case 1- Bloodsuckers vs Ninjas

After a long period of 8-9 hours sleep every night, on Friday night our daughter began waking up crying every two hours or so. This happened again on Saturday night leaving mom and I totally exhausted again.

I am clueless so I didn’t know that this was natural and babies just get moody sometimes and decide not to sleep.

Instead I decided that enough was enough, something had to be wrong. We checked our daughters crib in painful detail. No apparent problem. We checked the room. Nothing. We then stripped her back to her birthday suit and looked over every inch of her skin… Aha!!!! Bite marks…not from Lestat or Edward but from a damn mosquito.

I hate bloodsuckers. So with ninja like skills I spent two hours killing four of them in various parts of the apartment in near darkness at around 1 am.

Then I heard my wife yelling and slapping glass shower doors in the bathroom and thinking Alfred Hitchcock was doing a reshoot I sprinted to the bathroom in a quasi-panic only to discover that it was just my wife trying to swat a fifth.

We put anti-itch cream on the mosquito bites and bought an anti-mosquito thing from the local super-market. We plugged it in far enough away from the baby’s room so that she wouldn’t get intoxicated but close enough to kill any flying bloodsuckers.

We fed her and then…peace for 8 hours of sleep. During the day our daughter cried much less. Although still a bit moody. Night came again. Peace for 9 hours and baby was her normal happy self once again the next day and the same again last night and this morning.

Case closed.

Darius Aka The Clueless Father


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