The epidemic of content starvation

The epidemic of content starvation

I’ve never strived to be a musician since I recognized when I was 8 I had absolutely no talent in that area.

I had tried but realized that while I loved music perhaps more than most things in the world, I simply was not cut out to be a musician.

Perhaps that is why I am in awe of masterful musicians. Because I realize they are a different breed of cat. Something finer? Whatever they have, I knew I didn’t have it.

And right now my ears wish that the girl I am listening to on the radio had realized the same thing.

For the last 5 minutes I have been contemplating how such an obviously terrible song is getting so much air time nowadays.

Good on her for trying hard and riding that wave but man can someone please tell her that a beat and inane lyrics do not a good song make.

I hope she evolves before natural selection takes its course.

My conclusion: The world is content starved and the voracity of youth to devour it is at an all time high. If you have a little talent and work hard you might just have a shot.

But once you take that shot, please, please, please, work to increase your talent.

My ears are begging you.


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