The Beauty of Sleeping

The Beauty of Sleeping

A big part for me of being a new dad is having to deal with the frustration of not sleeping or having it constantly interrupted. Those moments where you have been woken up by the baby crying and for some reason they don’t stop unless YOU hold them can be the most trying.

After several days of this in a row…it can start to push you over the edge. Especially if you are making a two hour trip to work every day way outside the city.

Mom helps a lot, but still it is tough.

However I have found what makes all the frustration and anger go away. Get the baby to sleep in your arms and just hold them for a few minutes while they sleep.

It is amazing. It’s like sunlight shining through rain clouds. Like a sudden moment of calm in a tempest.

It makes you remember why you wanted to be a parent in the first place.

Have a great day.



aka The Clueless Father


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