Random Thoughts…Career vs Baby plus Baby Dust

Random Thoughts…Career vs Baby plus Baby Dust

It’s funny but often we don’t think about one little truth: before you even begin trying to conceive, you actually have to decide to try and conceive.

And this can be a very hard decision to make sometimes. Anybody who is currently trying to conceive is probably scoffing at this, but it is true for a lot of people I know.

I think there are a lot of us out there (men and women) who are simply and totally career driven for a good part of our lives. It isn’t that we don’t want a child, it is just that career and child often don’t seem compatible until we reach a much more comfortable level. But when does that comfort level arrive? If you aren’t careful, I guess maybe never.

But making this decision harder after the fact, is that when you do begin trying to conceive and then for one reason or the other you can’t, you get that sort of guilty feeling that maybe you waited too long or other such grim thoughts. And those can be really tough to live with.

I remember being 16 years old and thinking to myself how much one day I would love to have a son. I was son oriented back then, but after I saw what I put my dad through in later years I decided a daughter would probably be better. But then I got into my career and just decided that was all I would focus on until some whatever future date.

Did I want a child? Sure. Did I have time for one? Not in my mind.

Bam…18 years later I am 34.

Having my first child now, a daughter no less, I look back and say to myself, crap I wasted a lot of time focusing on my career when I could’ve done both.

Water under the bridge I guess…

But I am loving being a father beyond description. And since it took 5 years from the point of seriously contemplating having a child up until the point of having one, I am a bet leery that it might take that long again to have the second one. Hopefully this time a son. 😀

There are definitely things that we need to do to prepare for that which we have agreed upon. But I’ll be focusing my career path on getting ready for a second child as opposed to focusing on a career path for the sake of the career.

So in beginning preparations I have decided to start harvesting baby dust in hopes of cutting down the five year lag to just one…

I’ll be putting the baby dust on line to share with everyone who is also TTC once it is ready…hopefully starting tonight.

I hope you enjoy and spread the positiveness.



aka The Clueless Father


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