Pregnancy 1-3: Things to help the first time Mom

Pregnancy 1-3: Things to help the first time Mom

Your wife is pregnant and these are going to be a pretty tough 40 weeks for her, so what can you do to help her through them? A lot. Look over some of these common sense ideas to see how you can make a difference.

I think there was really only one all important one I forgot: Cocoa Butter and Massages…starting week 20 or so you need an anti-stretching cream and while she should be putting it on several times a day herself, nothing beats dad doing a full body massage with the stuff for about 10 minutes at the end of the day after a hot shower = instant professions of love and gratitude.

02:58 – No heavy lifting
04:03 – Dont just be a man, be a gentleman
05:02 – Stuff mom will need: New clothes and Good Food
06:10 – Pregnancy cravings and the hormone fairy
07:49 – Flowers, poems and chocolates

Love it? Hate it? Like it? Know how to do it better? Just looking for advice? Care to comment? Want to talk about dad stuff? contact me:

Or if you want the female side of things talk to my wife.


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