Pregnancy 1-2: Financial Aspects of Fatherhood

Pregnancy 1-2: Financial Aspects of Fatherhood

In this video I will try to cover some things you should think about in terms of the financial impact of having a child. Rich people or those who aren’t worried about spending 5K-15K more on the arrival of your child probably don’t need to watch this.

00:57 – Two ways of getting ready for your baby
02:00 – The Baby Budget
03:52 – When do you have to have everything by
04:45 – Asking for help
05:55 – If mom is a working mom

Love it? Hate it? Like it? Know how to do it better? Just looking for advice? Care to comment? Want to talk about dad stuff? contact me:

Or if you want the female side of things talk to my wife.


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