One of those parenting mornings…

One of those parenting mornings…

Ever have one of those morning after you have worked most of the night, you wake up to the baby crying two hours later, your wife/partner has left to work, you are changing the diaper and it seems like the baby thinks the diaper is made of liquid fire because THEY WILL NOT LET YOU PUT IT ON and by the time you finally do get the go******d fu****g thing on there is butt creme all over your hands, face, the baby’s body and most of the crib.

Then while the baby is crying at full volume you somehow manage to get their clothes on even though they wriggle like pro-WWF wrestlers, finally get their pre-school bag ready, stumble half-consciously down the stairs and carry them off to school and the whole time you are boiling over and so frustrated you don’t know if you want to cry or blast the head off the next person who even slightly steps in the wrong direction….

And then all of the sudden as you hand the baby over to the teacher your baby suddenly hugs you and gives you a sloppy half-kiss and says papa as loud as she can….and suddenly you are the happiest person in the world and can’t wait to have another kid?

Parenting is the most emotionally taxing job that exists. But it has its rewards.

End. Of. Story.


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