How to Sterilize and Prepare Baby Bottles

Essential Dad and Parent Skills 2-9: Sterilizing and Preparing Bottles

So you are like, I just washed the bottles! I am the ruler of all I survey!!! By the power of Greyskulllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But no! There is still another step before claiming your rightful title of master of the bottle universe. Ya gotta sterilize em and get them ready for consumption. Not a big deal, especially if you got your handy dandy UFO shaped microwave sterilizer.

So let’s get it started.

00:00 – Using the bottle sterilizer
02:58 – Filling the bottles
04:50 – Assembling the bottles
06:30 – Sterilizing pacifiers, breast pumps and other things

Love it? Hate it? Like it? Know how to do it better? Just looking for advice? Care to comment? Want to talk about dad stuff? contact me:

Or if you want the female side of things talk to my wife.


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