How to Bottle Feed a Baby

Essential Dad and Parent Skills 2-6 Bottle Feeding the baby

Alright, so either the breastfeeding is over, or you need to feed your baby with bottles before then. I’m pretty sure most dads can figure out where the food goes, but I don’t know how many know how to give it to them properly so they actually eat the whole portion.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, no one cries like a hungry baby.
Being able to prepare the correct food and give it to your newborn baby rapidly has a lot to do with how much they cry and scream. So you want to get good at it and you want to be fast.

00:00 – Preparing the food
02:45 – Feeding the baby
04:31 – Tips, Tricks and Cautions
06:05 – What to do if they stop eating early

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