Cry it out method of sleep training.

Cry it out method of sleep training.

I don’t agree on CIO method, friends say it works but I think that’s just too horrible; any way I just want your opinion on that.



This is a pretty rough thing to accept as a parent, but it is also something the child has to learn: how to sleep by themselves.

Why is your daughter crying? Maybe there is something that is scaring her. She’s 6 months old. She can’t defend herself. Knowing that you or dad are there for her is her security. It chills her out.

Also I’ve found that if your child has become accustomed to them being rocked to sleep, they will want it every time they sleep and will cry if they don’t have it. I call this “baby rocker addiction” and tell my friends to be wary of it because it can be fun to break the habit.

By the time she reaches 8-10 months old if she is still crying frequently when she is supposed to be sleeping, you should do something about it.

I understand your apprehension on the cry it out method, but I think there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

(Even adults, particularly women, cry themselves to sleep later in life! Especially after watching a really sad movie.)

The wrong way is to just let the baby cry and cry and cry all night long. That’s just torturing your baby.

The right way is to:

1. Make sure there is nothing actually wrong with bed/blankets/food/diaper/etc…

2. Make sure that you have a baby monitor in the room so you can see what is happening. It’s also good to have a small night light for the baby. Not very bright, but so the room isn’t totally dark. (also so you don’t trip on anything when you go in and you don’t have to turn on a bright light which will shock the baby).

3. Make sure that you have fed her just before she should go to sleep.

4. When done feeding her, leave her in her crib to sleep. Hopefully she’s asleep, but if not you just need to kiss her goodnight and leave her alone.

5. If she starts crying, let her cry for a little bit. I would say don’t let her cry for more than 15 minutes on the first night. If she’s still crying after 15, comfort her to sleep.

6. If she wakes up because she’s hungry in the middle of the night or needs a diaper change, feed her (or change her) and again leave her alone. If she cries, give her the 15 minutes to see if she cries herself to sleep. If not, go comfort her to sleep.

7. On the next day do the same thing but increase the time by 5 minutes (i.e. 20 minutes).

8. Continue increasing this daily until they finally fall asleep by themselves.

Something to think with: This is probably more painful on the parents than it is on the child. You might feel like the worst parent in the world for the periods while you leave the baby crying, but the truth is they need to learn put themselves to sleep. Just as they will need to learn to walk by themselves.

We did this with our daughter and it was the worst 20 minutes of my fatherhood. But she stopped crying and went to sleep and we had way less problems after that.

As a note, there are different recommended times by different doctors. Some say 3 minutes of crying the first time, then 5 and then 7 on the first night. And then on the second night 5 minutes, then 8 and then 11. And so on, but really it comes down to what you as the parent feel is safe.

Seriously if it’s too rough on your nerves to do it then buy a baby rocker from Graco. I show a video of the one I got on the site and that thing is like a $100 and you get SO MUCH MORE SLEEP it’s ridiculous. It just sends the baby into snoozeville which lets mom and dad go there as well. You might have to deal with baby rocker addiction later on, but they also usually just grow out of it.

Hope that helps!




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