Baby Breastfeeding Supplements Q&A

Baby Breastfeeding Supplements Q&A

hello again dare hw u doing hope u n ur family r doing well n hw is the princess am sure she is all grown up now all the best in the future„„anyways i just want ur opinion on this one.. my daughter is now 15 weeks old and we live in a very hot place so do i need to give her water, she is exclusively breast fed… and from ur experience is it necessary to give baby vitamine drops. tnx – Monica

Hi Monica!
Thanks for writing! Yes, the little princess is growing fast as I am sure yours is as well.

In terms of giving a baby water while still breastfeeding this can be a somewhat controversial subject. Your breastmilk is about 90% or more made up of water and as long as you are eating healthy and drinking lots of healthy drinks such as vegetable juices and water then your baby should be just fine.

In terms of vitamin drops, unless specifically advised by a pediatrician, I wouldn’t add vitamin drops to this. From my experience pediatricians usually advise vitamin drops when babies are being raised on formula and not on breastmilk.

Now there are a lot of mothers who are fiercely independent on raising their child and don’t visit a pediatrician or doctor unless an actual sickness occurs or something they can’t solve with a home remedy.

To mothers with this line of thinking I would advise them to buy a baby chart which shows ideal weight and height growth for their baby and chart them every month to see how they are progressing. As long as they are growing properly then it would seem obvious they are getting sufficient nourishment from the breastfeeding. If the baby wasn’t growing properly, then it would be time to consider vitamin and protein supplements.

Also along the lines of babies and water for these mothers, if you notice that your daughter is getting thirsty a lot then you can do one of several things:

1. If you see their lips getting dry or cracked or if they are not peeing regularly it’s a sign that they are getting too much sunlight and are dehydrating. If you really don’t want to see a pediatrician, then give the child a SMALL amount of CLEAN water or baby tea to start. No more than 1oz or 2oz’s maximum. The key thing is not to interrupt their established feeding cycles.

If you overdo the water, you can cause health problems for your baby. That disclaimer being said, we gave our daughter 1-2ozs of baby tea regularly when she was 4 months old and we were in the middle of a scorching heat wave in Mexico. We made sure it was mid-point between feedings and that her eating cycle was not disrupted and she did just fine with it.

2. If you can’t do much about them being in the hot weather with a fan or air conditioner, then you can always take wet rags and give them a wipe down regularly, just be sure the rag isn’t cold. Room temperature water works best.

Thanks again for writing! Hope that helps!



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