A Naked Fatherhood Moment

A Naked Fatherhood Moment

It’s early in the morning. The 18 month old daughter is nowhere to be seen and neither is any underwear since its all in the washer downstairs. But you figure the coast is all clear for the first naked dash from bedroom to bathroom since the baby has been born.

You look both ways, take a deep breath and leap towards the open bathroom door just 10 feet away. The cool morning air whistling through the nether regions as you prance across the slippery wooden floor resembling some strange beast half graceful like a pregnant gazelle and half graceless like a body builder trying to manage a ballet tippy toe thingy.

Just as you are about to round the corner into the shower, you see that in the bathroom mirror reflected from the mirror on the closet door that is in turn reflecting on another mirror hanging on the wall, that there, off in the once unseen distance in the far room is your 18 month daughter looking at you and pointing her index finger with a puzzled expression on her face as you stand there in a macrocosmic moment of frozen shock.

Time freezes…

And then coming through loud and clear in the crisp morning air are her now immortalized words: “BANANA!!!!!”

I think we’ve both been scarred for life.


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