5-2. Baby from three to six months VLOG (Part 1)

5-2. Baby from three to six months.
Vlog Part 1 – Rants, Randomness and Observations

So it’s been a bit since I’ve posted a vlog, been busy! My birthday was on Father’s Day this year so while I could have snuck out of buying my dad a gift, I still got him a copy of “Rules for my unborn son.” I figured it would bring back some good memories. I am still waiting for my copy but I should have it this week and then I’ll review it.

Anyways…. getting to the point!

To start this video you get to see my Alfalfa impersonation. I figured since I show my daughter at times with a bad hair day, I better be willing to show myself that way as well.

But then we get right into it:

00:24 Rants and Randomness

a. 01:00 My beef with parenting sites
b. 02:00 The problem with breastfeeding evangelists
c. 04:15 Fully body shivers and Louis Vitton

04:48 Everything is the same but harder
05:35 Teething
06:23 Skwinking/skitching
07:25 Water Sterilization and the 6 month old

Continued in Part 2


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